Rechargeable Pen Type Nail Drill(25,39€/Pcs))

tOP QUALITY Easy To Carry Chargeable Powerful Nail Drill


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  • Model: ERDR-2037 Products Feathers:
  • 1. ERDR-2037 uses DC brushed motor, uses USB DC DC 4.2V/0.5A constant current adapter to charge, built-in 3.7V polymer lithium battery power supply 2. The button controls the start and stop of the motor, acceleration and deceleration, forward and reverse rotation; 3. The default starting speed of the product: 8000 RPM ±10%RPM electric low speed; 8000 RPM ±10%RPM, maximum speed: 15000RPM ±10%RPM (Voltage: 3.7V) 4. The USB DC 4.2V/0.5A constant current adapter is charged. When the charging is completed, the red light will turn to green. The charging time is about 90 minutes.
  • Instructions: 1). Long press the power button for 2 seconds, the product will work, short press the power button once to reverse the forward and reverse rotation. 2). Press and hold the switch key for more than 2 seconds, the product will stop working; 3). “+” is a 5-speed acceleration button, press and hold this button to accelerate the motor speed; 4). “-” is a 5-speed deceleration button, press this button to decelerate the motor speed; 5). Power supply adopts USB socket 4.2V 0.5A adapter to charge
  • Packing size
  • -Net weight: 0.212KG/set
  • -Packing number: 10 sets / carton
  • Minimar Order Quantity: 100PCS

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 42 × 33 × 51 cm

Carton ( 100 pcs )


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