Sterilizer machine 001

Tools Sterilizer For Manicure


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  • MODEL:EN-001
  • 1. About this sterilizer:Aims to get the excellent effect of treatment,the nail art equipment should ensure to be cleaned. This machines is developed basing on the technology of transiting heat, automatic temperature control and conducting material. The temperature could be controlled accordingly within 185 degrees Celsius by the underside button. These types of technology avoid the weak points of alcohol burner in sterilizing, reaching good effect with superior characteristic as follow: convenience, no pollution, save the electricity, long-term usage. The sterilize box is the base equipment for personal use and professional shop.
  • How To Use: 
  •  (1) Put the appliances into heated glass ball of this sterilizer, turn on the power.
  • (2) The red light is power, the green light means heating.
  • (3) When the green light is off, meaning the products temperature equal to the set temperature; when the green light is on ,meaning the products temperature lower than the set temperature and it needed to be heated.
  • (4) The process of heating form 0 degrees Celsius to 185 degrees Celsius cost 12 minutes. When the temperature 185 degrees Celsius it only needs 30 seconds for sterilizing the appliance and finishing the whole process.
  • (5)Heating can turn to keep warm automatically when the temperature reach the setting temperature,heating again automatically when the temperature lower than the setting tempertature.
  • Best for metal tools, such as nail nippers and tweezers, salon peelers, eye-brown beauty and tatoo needles.
  • Attention:
  • 1.Only glass ball can be allowed to put into the inner pot of the machine.
  • 2.Any liquid not allowed to put into the machine.
  • Convenience,no pollution, save electricity and long term usage.
  • Suitable For Family,Salon&SPA
  • G.W.:12KG
  • SIZE:35*34*47CM

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