Sterilizer machine 020

Nail Sterilizer Autoclave Nipper Tweezers Metal Manicure Tool Sterilizer Nail Pedicure UV Disinfection Device Sterilizer Box


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  • MODEL:EN-020
  • -It Can clean all faces of the objects which contact with the liquid, specially affecting on the objects which have complex shape and more holes.
  • -Will be not cause any damage of the objects.
  • -Remove dirt, dust, grease from the tiniest of places using ultrasonic technology
  • -Easy to operate, and you just need to add water or detergent in the tank and then put the tool that you need to clean in it
  • Specification:
  • -Volume:400ml
  • -Voltage: 110V/220V
  • -Power: 40W
  • -Size:205*115*90mm
  • -Weight:0.9kg
  • -Suit for: Nail tools and other such as Gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, ornaments, brooch, glasses, watch chain, water pen, CD, shaving knife, comb, toothbrush, dentures, tea sets, and baby bottles, milk and fruit such as grapes, cherry,strawberry,and Hands
  • G.W.:26.44KG
  • SIZE:59*54*41.5CM

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