Water Decals Vitality 50Pcs

Water Decals One New Design Simple Solution On The Nails


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  • One New Fashion & Easier Style For Making Your Nails Beautiful….
  • How To Apply Water Decals On Your Nails:
  • First, apply nail polish for the base of your nail art. There are two types of water decals available in the market; one can be applied to any base nail polish color and the other should be on a white base color only. I am using those that can be applied to any base.
  • Make yourself a workplace by collecting everything you need in one place. That includes a pair of tweezers, a bowl of water (room temperature) and a sheet of waterslide decals.
  • Remove the protective sheet of the decal sheet.
  • Cut a piece of water slide decal. You don’t need to cut a flower closely. Just cut a square piece of the sheet.
  • Put the piece in the water bowl for 5-10 seconds.
  • Take it out with tweezers. Now, pick the flower decal from the sheet carefully and set it on your nails.
  • Finally, apply a top coat on your nails for long-lasting nail art

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